Week 27

A Tither's Blog

December 31, 2012

        December 31, is the traditional date for setting promises and resolutions for the New Year. To help you do this, here is a pledge you're invited to copy and bring to your church.

        It would be good to pray over the pledge before you sign. It's a pledge from you to worship God and put Him first with your tithes. Of course there is no mention of any dollar amounts. God alone gives the increase!

        May the Lord continue to pour out His blessings upon you.
Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy


           I want to worship and honor God with tithes, offerings, gifts and acts of service. This is my pledge to put God first by tithing the finances God gives me in 2013. I will bring them to my local church.



Week 26

A Christmas Card

To the Gatekeeper

Father, I finished
What I was sent to do.
Now, more Christians know
That to tithe is of You.

I tried to be faithful,
And witty and smart,
As I honored our Lord
With words from my heart.

This blog took its toll,
Like a raging sea.
But You, Holy One,
Graced courage to me.

You taught me patience,
To be fruitful and share.
Your perfect love,
Caused me to care.

So I move on,
To where I must go.
You'll find me a place,
Just right I know.

This mandate is over,
Another awaits.
Thank you, dear Jesus,
For being The Gate.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 25

    I can't think of many things I like better than Christmas. I love the sights, the sounds, the smells and the goodies. I love the devotions and the decorations. I love the fuss. I love what goes on in most churches this time of year. Yet, I pray for the Church.

    Yes, I am concerned. I am concerned that Christianity is not changing for the better. I'm concerned that churches have become too media savvy and user-friendly. Modern Christianity has redefined itself and is slowly strangling, choking to death on cybertronics. Churches are secularized. Too many contemporary churches are nothing more than shadow community centers. Too many of our contemporary churches are preaching cultural relevance and calling it the Gospel. And sadly, at this season, in trying to be "cute," too many contemporary churches look and act like they have forgotton the purpose of Christmas. Birthing a child is not "cute," Brethren. Jesus was born in blood and died in blood. It is the Blood of Jesus which sealed the covenants and gives us the Gospel. Never forget this.

        Brethren, as a Church, we cannot--we dare not--regress again to pagan form. In 2013, cling to God's Covenant of Salvation and move on spiritually. Seek personal revival. Spend time with the Lord in the Word. Pray with fervor and consistency, as you have never prayed before. Ask and allow Holy Spirit to place tithing in your heart. Put God first by bringing your tithes into your local church. Pour into your local church your acts of service along with tithes, offerings and gifts. Learn Jesus and become the totally committed Christian disciple He shed His Blood to save. Let true Kingdom living become your shining reality!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy 

Week 24

    We are almost at the end of the tithing trail, Brethren. I think of our Lord who emptied Himself and became helpless just for us. I am awed by His love and care. I am awed by the holy and gracious covenants God gave us and fulfills for us.

    There has been a trend in recent years to go into stores which have a "layaway" system and anonymously pay the outstanding balances of those who have put things aside. This is a beautiful way to give. There are other marvelous ways to give to others. Paying for a cleaning service, gas cards, grocery gift cards, are but a few examples. A vital ministry is the ministry of prayer. Praying for people is free and desperately needed. Ask God to show you someone and send them a card that says you will pray daily for that person for a year--and do it. That's an enormous blessing. Don't be concerned you'll forget. Holy Spirit will respond and honor a heart that prays for others.

    Pray for others and continue to put God first by tithing. God fulfills His tithe promises for those who will enter in. There are untold blessings for those who worship God with tithes, offerings, gifts and acts of service. Experience victory in Christ!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 23

December 3, 2012

    This month marks the end to these blogs. I have made every effort to answer openly your legitimate concerns and controversies. I have shared God's word with you on this vital subject based on honest scholarship. Above and beyond the "bottom line," finances are really a heart issue to God as they are a challenge to the Body. I pray you are bringing your tithes and offerings to your local church with love and purpose. But mostly I pray that you have found revelation, relevance and peace in all you're giving.
    I'm clearing my desk of the remaining questions this issue. These questions have been hanging around for some time and I'm finally addressing them.

        Q. My tithe is given in my designated offerings.
        A. Although both are Scriptural, the tithe and designated offerings function differently. The tithe is a spiritual dynamic between God and the tither. Finances are the means used in this dynamic. As a covenant and act of worship, tithing always puts God first. Designated offerings are a financial dynamic. They are a blessings, but put only the intent and purpose of the giver first. Why do you combine them?

        Q. I want to tithe and my spouse doesn't. What should I do?
        A. Both positions are Scriptural. Pray, seek wisdom, and obey God.
            Why has tithing become an issue? Is there something else going on?

        Q. Should I teach my children to tithe?
        A. Prioritize and set the example.

        Q. My tithe is less than the offerings I give. Should I stop giving offerings and just tithe?
        A. It's not about money. It's Scriptural to give both.

        Q. If you looked at my finances, you would see that I can't afford to tithe.
        A. It's not about money. Pray and:
             Seek wisdom for personal revelation of your pattern of giving.
             Seek wisdom for personal revelation of your real heart attitude.
             Then: ask for grace, trust God and obey. (Jn.2.4, 5)

        Q. Sometimes I get tired of tithing.
        A. Rejoice! The Lord never gets tired of us! (Ps.37.25)

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 22

    This week's blog is about a different kind of grace-giving. It's not for everyone, but, I want you to be exposed to what the Bible says about it. It is another form of grace-giving and scripturally encouraged. It's called sacrificial giving. It is a level of giving that reaches sacrificial proportions--beyond personal budget and apparent means. The clearest example of this in scripture is the incident of the "Widow's Mite." (Mt.12.42; Lu.21.2,3) The widow was commended and memorialized by Jesus for her sacrificial gift.

    Sacrificial giving has several characteristics. It is always secret (private), voluntary and charitable. It is usually unexpected and above all, it expresses God's love. The Book of Acts does record where Christians had all things in common. (Ac.4.32-37) But, sacrificial giving as a life style needs a special act of grace. Use Holy Spirit wisdom before choosing sacrificial giving as your life style.

        There are many 'out there' who claim there are huge numbers of Christians who give away more than they live on. I have not been able to find any confirmation of that among contemporary Christians. The so-called "Vow of Poverty" is religion. Of course, since sacrificial giving is secret the chances are that it would not be real common knowledge. Yes, biblically Christians will sacrifice beyond their own means to help others. I have seen Christians pray and give to their own hurt. That is commendable and scriptural, but as a life-style, be sure it's God. Godl's Word emphasizes consistent obedience, not sacrifice. (1Sa.15.22; Mk.12.32-34) Keep tithing.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 21

    There are many examples of grace-giving in the New Testament. But there are a couple of ways to give which don't exactly fit under the grace-giving umbrella. For this week and next I'll blog about them.

    Since it's near Thanksgiving I'll start with righteous acts. Righteous acts have two distinctive qualities. Righteous acts are always done or given in secret. Also, they are totally, completely and absolutely voluntary. The phrase 'righteous acts' is found in Mt.6.1, NIV. The KJV translates the word as alms. The reward Jesus speaks about may be spiritual or not, as God is sovereign.

Be careful not to do your 'acts of righteousness before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.  (Mt.6.1)

     The key is, as always, heart attitude. If anyone gives to another Christian, it is best to be private, with a prayer-filled heart to God. These acts are Christian living at its best.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 20

 What does it mean to honor God? In both Testaments, using religion to gain personal honor is denounced. (Mt.6.1-8) Jesus gave up honor and took the form of a servant and died a shameful death. God revealed Jesus' Divinity and gave Him the Name above all names. As we are in Christ, for Believers honor is defined by God alone, never by mankind.

    God taught the Israelites methods of sacrifice which would impress them to honor Him. In the Book of Malachi there are examples of sacrifices which displeased God and did not honor Him. The Israelites of Malachi's day were apathetic. God called upon them to change their wrong attitudes through prayer and right sacrifice. They were called to renew their obedience to God. God reminded them of their need for reverence and faith. Jesus honored His father perfectly and His righteousness is eternally sufficient for us. Praise God!

    Jesus will return during a time of spiritual decline and great persecution. He asks if He will find faith on earth when He returns. (Lu.18.8) Prayer expresses our faith. Faith puts God first with tithes. Faith honors God with tithes, offerings, gifts and acts of service.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 19

  There are about a dozen questions I have left to address in these blogs. To make it easier for myself, I'm writing them out in question and answer format. I'll begin them here and finish the rest of them next month. I pray they help you and give you understanding. God alone gives the increase.

      Q. I go to two churches. Where do I bring my tithes?
      A.  Bring your tithe to each church as you go to it.
            One church is not the "real" church and the other a facsimile.

      Q.What happens if I can't tithe consistently?
      A. Nothing "happens." Inconsistent tithes are offerings. 
           Pray and obey God.

       Q.Why is there so much focus on money when Christianity is about 
            love and faith?
       A.Giving tithes, offerings and gifts to God are forms of worship. 
           They express love and faith.

       Q. The Lord told me not to tithe and to take care of my own family.
       A. Our Lord would never interfere with your free will.
            To pray for grace to tithe is scriptural. Give offerings.

       Q. I've been tithing for a long time and I don't have any results.
            Why should I continue to tithe?
       A. It's not about money. What results do you think you should get?

       Q. I pay huge taxes that help people. Isn't that enough?
       A. No, not for Christians. (Mk. 12.17)

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 18

Jesus cautioned us about the deceitfulness of riches. (Mt.13.22; Mk.4.19) The word deceitful in these verses translates to cheat or to trick. Both individuals and churches are vulnerable to deception. This week I'm sharing with you a couple of ways today's riches are deceitful. Much can be said on this topic, but two examples are enough for a blog.

    Wealth can be a trap and a snare. Individual wealth is a big invitation to self-righteousness. If God has made an individual or family or group wealthy, there can develop a great, narcissistic attitude to assume this is favor from God because of some personal, inner "specialness." Wealth can generate an aura of smugness. It's so easy to forget that God is our sovereign source. (Eze.28.4, 5) Christians who are wealthy have an enormous responsibility before God. For Christians, great wealth should result in awed obedience. God gives financial increase to be used for His kingdom purposes. To tithe from God's gifts of financial bounty expresses humility and gratitude before God, as tithing puts God first.

    For a church, the quest for worldly success at the corporate level can foster huge deceptions. Churches do use the world's systems to manage their business. But, for a church to measure its success by statistics, its attendance figures, or by how much money it generates, is using the wrong measure. The numbers' measure is worldly, materialistic and an almost resistance-proof temptation for self-promotion and misrepresentations. (Ps.127.1) The cheat or trick in this is that worldly success creates a false facade and generates a false sense of security. Increases or windfalls gained by a prideful, worldly church striving for success, fail to please God. (Rev.3.17)

    The Biblical measure of the successful church is the spiritual growth and Christ-likeness of those who are members of that Body. (Ep.4.11-16; Ph.2.12,13; Col.1.28, 29) Scriptural faithful obedience nets scriptural results. Each Christian's primary goal is to deepen our personal relationship with the Lord, as it is in Him we live. Holy Spirit develops all that in love. By the grace of God, Christians learn to put God first and to love one another. We give glory to God for what He has done. We honor and worship God with our tithes, offerings, gifts and acts of service.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy 

Week 17

    Brethren, in all these blogs I've emphasized our relationship with God through Christ. Therefore, please consider this week's entry a spiritual reminder. Job loved God above all things and he proclaimed in Job 1.21, 22:

21 "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart.
The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away;
may the name of the Lord be praised."

22 In all this Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.

    To play the blame game and withold tithes and offerings doesn't hurt God. The person who withholds finances isn't demonstrating special financial
acumen or superior spirituality. All too often, witholding tithes or offerings reveals immaturity, self-righteousness and anger and does little for the cause of Christ. Sadly, too many of us have witnessed times when withholding tithes or offerings caused strife in the Body. Is this the holy message of the Gospel?

        Brethren, please remember. No matter what condition you find yourself in, always give thanks and praise the Lord. We come in prayer before God with our questions, complaints, problems and appeals. But in all our weaknesses and sufferings, God's grace is available for us. Seek the Lord, worship and praise Him for his help and solutions. Praise and thank God for His will to be done in your finances. Put God first and tithe. Bring your tithes, grace offerings and gifts to your local church.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 16

This week, I'm listing some more objections and concerns people have expressed about tithing.

      My own church doesn't tithe, why should I?
      Most of the members of my congregation don't tithe. 
      I don't tithe because I don't like what they do with the money.

      The tithe is just a ploy to get money into the Church.         

    These types of questions and comments really expose one issue---trust. As a church family we are to trust one another. Too many Christians have difficulty trusting their leadership, their finance teams and even other church members. Finally, they have trouble trusting God. Ultimately, they end up trusting their wallets more than they trust God. (Mt.6.24)

    I have heard of only one person who ever live who was perfect. The rest of us are flawed human beings. Because we stumble and make mistakes, does not mean we are guilty of malfeasance. Do you really want to emulate those who complain, are lazy pray-ers, or indifferent or rebellious? It may be easy and comfortable joining these nay-sayers, but is that what our Lord wants? Only God knows the true nature of our hearts and your church and its finances. Pray earnestly for your church and its finances. If something has to be changed, trust Holy Spirit. Rely on Him. He will change every single thing that He wants changed.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight. (Pr.3.5)
        Let's get out of our own way, Church. Pray and seek the Lord. Give grace and ask Holy Spirit to help you renew your trust, change your heart and give you peace. He will always be there for you. Present your tithes to God and bring them to your local church.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 15

When I pray about tithing and giving, one basis I use is Paul's teachings in Corinthians. The Books of Corinthians contain many scriptural examples of financial principles. Here are some for you to read and pray about on your own.

     Proportionate giving is tithe. Tithes and offerings are brought into the local church. (1Co.16.1,2.)

     Gifts and giving should come from the heart. (2Co.9.7, 8.)

     The financial size of the gift is not important. God gives the increase. (2Co.8.12.)

     Finances are to be handled with complete honesty. (2Co.8.20, 21.)

         Remember always that Christian services, tithes, offerings and gifts are not about money. It's all about Jesus, Brethren. Tithes put God first. Honor God with your tithes and grace offerings and bring them into your local church.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 14

    Recently in the newspaper, there was an all too familiar article about a couple caught in the economic squeeze. Both had lost their jobs, were drowning in debt and were desperately trying to recover. My antenna went up when I read that part of the article which said that one of the economic steps they took was to stop tithing to their church. I immediately prayed for them, of course.

    God loves us so much He gives us the choice not to tithe. So, that's not my concern. My concern is that too many folks think they tithe to their church. We tithe to God, Brethren. The local church is the storehouse into which we bring those tithes. In Christ we are God's children. When we have messes we are to run to our Father, not away from Him. Our financial disasters are never too much for Him to handle. Tithing throug money difficulties is an act of faith. It is a visible, tangible demonstration of our faithfulness, deep love and total trust in God.

        Here's my bold, Biblical and faith-filled testimony for you. I know that God instituted the Tithe Covenant. So, even when I have rebelled and gotten myself jammed up financially, I have never stopped tithing. I realize that I am incapable of getting out of the financial bind myself. I don't have the smarts or $$$ to do it. Therefore, I pray and God shows me my real heart. It is my precious Lord who gives me His grace and courage to look at my dismal failure. Then, the Lord's love uplifts me and I am able to obey completely what He leads me to do. It's been humbling, sometimes painful and slow, and it's not magic. Yet, I have always been pulled out of every single fiscal pit. More than once God has freed and delivered me from fierce, financial horrors. Both the Lord and I know--and I now proclaim to the world--that He honored His sovereign Tithe Covenant. God's Tithe Covenant does not ever fail!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 13

    Today, I'm blogging about a mentality in the Body which I call the "alternative tithe." This mentality says that I can tithe something other than the finances God sends me and it is the same as the covenant of the tithe. Alternative tithers think that giving their goods, or their services, or their time to the church, is the same as bringing tithes to the church. These A.T.'s announce with great conviction that their service to the local church, or their giving time to the local church is the same as tithing. I studied this fairly carefully and here's what I've learned. To assume that giving time, or praying, or music, or teaching or pastries, or cleaning up, or watching children or any other service is the same as tithing, is not scriptural. It may sound all holy and spiritual, but it's just religious posturing.
    My church has some of the most fabulous groups of volunteers anywhere on this planet. As his disciples, Jesus taught us to give and serve and defer to one another. Volunteering goods or services or prayer are extensions of our love for Jesus and our desire to serve as His Body. They are outward expressions of His grace working within us. They honor God. Goods, prayers, gifts and acts of service are ministry. They minister Christ's love and are characteristic of joy-filled Christians. Our ministry as Believers never substitutes for tithes!

        God's Tithe Covenant has its own nature. It is a financial covenant, instituted by God and ministered by God alone. It is optional and entered into voluntarily. There is nothing equal to it, nor is there any contract better than it. It is a unique, fail-safe system of worshipping God with finances.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 12

A Tither's Blog

September 17, 2012

    I have a friend who is a wellspring of knowledge. One of her many credentials is that of financial planner (C.F.P.) I like talking $$$ with her. She takes time to explain things clearly to me. We have had several discussions about what is called "the tyranny of the urgent." Another way I have heard this expressed is, "your need does not make my emergency."

    Churches have many ministries. As Jesus taught, the poor will always be with us. (Mt.26.11; Mk14.7; Jn.12.8.) Christians are bombarded on all sides to donate, to minister and support all kinds of genuine and even heartbreaking needs. One of the most difficult lessons I have ever had to learn is discernment.

    My tendency is to give to anyone any time. Since the Lord has total control over my finances, I have a place to go when I'm faced with multiple, desperate financial choices. I pray, seek the Lord and receive the wisdom and grace I need to implement God's will. I am no longer torn by the tyranny of the urgent.

        Sometimes God asks me to wait to do a greater good. This week if you have time, you might renew your mind with Jn.11.1-44. It will bless you. And remember, be faithful to your grace-giving and tithes.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 11

        William Wilberforce (1759-1833,) Jane Austen (1775-1817) and John Wesley's life spans overlapped. Each was a sharp observer and has described the culture and practices of that era. In those 18th and 19th Centuries, clergymen depended on patronage. Clergymen would have had the use of a house or holding on some estate. To provide his living, each preacher was responsible for collecting his own tithes. Preachers would make the rounds personally and visit the members of their congregation to collect their portion. This practice was offensive, unpopular and a breeding ground for abuse. Although the process itself was changed many times over the centuries, financial dealings remained a nightmare for most clergy. No wonder John Wesley proclaimed grace-giving.

         Given that legacy, it's also no wonder many Pastors today are reluctant to preach and teach tithing and finance. Pastors need to care for their flock. Contemporary Pastors/Shepherds require a huge amount of time to prayerfully nurture and care for the souls God sends them. It's an enormous and expensive responsibility. When Christians withhold tithes, or their grace offerings are a tad short in grace, a crushing burden is placed on the shoulders of their Pastors. Too many of our Pastors are then obligated to act as accountants, finance ministers or CFO's. That's to our shame, Church!

        In the original languages, the word 'bring' of Mal.3.10, translates as "cause to come in."  On-line giving, kiosks and other automatic delivery systems for transfer of funds to the local church are easy, convenient and totally scriptural. What's preventing you from implementing your tithing covenant?

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy  

Week 10

 All these discussions on tithing would be incomplete without some dialogue with you on giving in general. Many contemporary churches seem to favor what is known as "grace giving." Basically, grace giving is giving as the Lord leads. It's a result of prayer and it is giving offerings without using financial parameters. John Wesley (1703-1791) pioneered this. He taught and preached, "earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can."

    Tithing is a covenant and an act of worship. In the Old Testament, the tithe was used for the maintenance of the Temple and care of the priests. As we are in Christ, grace-giving transcends Old Testament sacrificial systems. Grace-giving donantions are another form of worship through finances. These grace offerings are intended to provide for every aspect of church life.

    Church maintenance, salaries, all additional ministries, outreaches, discretionary care, the finances of spreading the Gospel and everything else, are funded by grace-giving congregations. Jesus said to give. Jesus said to take care of others. Jesus said to love one another. Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive. The Bible has innumerable promises for those who give. Christians are blessed as they sow and bring grace offerings. (Lu.6.38)

        Tithes and grace offerings are the foundation of today's Christianity. It is love as the Lord loves--freely, openly and generously. What wonderful opportunities the Lord gives us!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 9

I've reviewed my master list of questions, comments and concerns on tithing I've encountered over the years. I often refer to them as I write these discussions. Here are some I'll address in this blog.

  • Why 10%? Why not 9% or even 11%? There's no difference.
  • My paycheck doesn't cover my bills and a tithe. How can I tithe?
  • For me to tithe would take too much of my paycheck. What can I do?
  • Should I tithe on my net or gross income? 
     The tithe is not some random, arbitrary or variable amount. 10% is the amount God established as covenant. Scripturally, the
covenant is not 9% or 11%. Scripturally, 9% or 11% represent noncompliance as tithes. Odd percentages are offerings. Both tithes and
offerings are voluntary.

     Give to God first, please. The net amount of a paycheck will usually cover the gross amount of a tithe. Tithing is not about giving too
much or too little. The tithe is a covenant of God and God alone gives the increase. Therefore, the dollar amount of your financial
worship is not God's primary goal. All God has asked is your love and prayer-filled heart of trust to faithfully tithe.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 8

      Over the years I've heard many things from many people about tithing. I've observed many things also. My focus this week is "mental assent."

     Mental assent is a behavior whereby people agree verbally to something, but then do nothing about it. They say, "Yes, yes." And they nod their heads and act all lovely, but, their hearts resist even as they seem to agree. The Pharisees of Jesus' time did this. Again and again the Lord exhorted them to open their hearts, but they would not. This is one obstacle I encounter with the topic of tithing. When I speak about it or teach it, outwardly people seem to agree with what I'm saying. Then faces go blank, invisible walls get built and no change takes place. The tithe covenant is a precious gift from God. I experience enormous frustration trying to understand why more people do not tithe.

     That leaves me to guess as to why so many in the Body do not tithe. For starters, I know that for some change is just too inconvenient and painful. In order to change, one has to admit that a change is needed. Then, commitment has to be made to the change itself. Then, effort has to be exerted to effect the change.

     But for those who receive the revelation of the tithe covenant, who pray and embrace it, the Lord pours out His love and grace and power. The needed changes do take place and the former mental assenter experiences victory and joy. Tithing is such a simple act. Oh, do commit to God's covenant today!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 7

     Number sense is a God given gift. Those with number sense are very aware of the dollars. They read articles and newspapers. (Some even enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal.) They balance their check books, are tuned into most things finance and are fiscally competent. We do want more disciples in the Body who are financially mature and responsible. You are desperately needed. Welcome!

     If I had number sense, I would be strongly tempted not to tithe. First, I know that tithing is not required, nor is tithing a panacea or "get rich quick" scheme. I also know that tithing does not always look like it's going to "add up" financially. But God! But God! Tithing has entered me into a new dimension. I meet the Lord in prayer and He gives me grace and heals my bad attitudes. He gives me courage to press into Him. No matter the circumstances of my finances, I rely on His grace. I love the special place in the Lord tithing has brought me.

     God's economy is different. God's economy is a faith-based economy. His economy is powered by love and expressed in obedience. Because it is a faith-based economy, there will be spiritual challenges. (Ep.6.12) Yet the Bible upholds, that whenever a Christian acts in faith and tithes, God's response is, "Yes and Amen." (Pr.3.9, 10) To believe God, to take Him at His word and commit to tithing is a Christ-like leap of faith. (Lu.7.9) Hallelujah!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 6

     Many Christians are reluctant to start tithing. Believers who don't tithe and have been willing to talk with me about it, often express fear in some way. Christians are twisted and tormented over financial issues. Christians fear the European market, the New York Stock Exchange and the economy in general. Christians fear the IRS, their banks, their bills and the convolutions of their own financial situations. Some are in such binds that they are stressed and embarrassed about it. Some actually fear reprisals from God. I am declaring--now and forever--that God is not the author of fear!! Fear at the level I have just described is an emotional lie and a huge deceit from another place.
     I do think a major fear in this 21st Century's 'fear the tithe' epidemic, is the fear of losing control. People do not want to lose control of their money. They think by turning their finances over to the Lord that somehow they will lose. But God does not need our money. Tithing is a covenant initiated by God. And my Bible teaches that the Lord always honors His covenants.
     Paul said he was content. Contentment is a wonderful place to live in this day and age. It's much better to be content than to be afraid. The Lord heals fearing and shame-filled Christians. He pours out His grace on those who don't tithe because they are emotionally bound. The tithing covenant is a total commitment from God. Don't run from the tithe, Brethren. Your greatest blessing would be to cry out in prayer, "Abba Father!" and embrace tithing.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 5

    Do you listen? In today's world we are surrounded by sound. I see people plugged into all kinds of listening devices. A couple of summers ago, I had a revelation about listening. I was praying about hearing the voice of God, and how to be sure I heard from God. Then I knew. God speaks to each one of us in a voice we know and in a language we understand! As a Christian, when God speaks to you, you do know it. And because in Christ we are a friend of God, in Him there is no misunderstanding.

     One method I use in making difficult money choices is to be sure, that as I make decisions, I use the Word of God. God honors His Word. So, when I am doing financial stuff, I apply Scripture in prayer. I say something like, "Lord, your Word says to 'give to everyone who asks you' (Lu.6.30) and so I give this in Your Name, on Your Word." Thus, my financial decisions are anchored in Biblical truth.

     As a committed tither God knows I listen with great care. I pray and learn what the Lord wants. God and I do not mistake each other. Sometimes, this had led to some very interesting situations. Never a dull moment in God's kingdom!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 4

     Nehiemiah 13 and Malachi were written within 30 years of one another. Reforms were desperately needed. Together, they express God's indignation and anger with His people. Because of the materialism and cynicism of that time, people had begun to lose hope. Godly standards were gone. Worship had deteriorated into listlessness and superficiality. God's people no longer took God seriously. God's priests had become corrupt. And the tithe? Well, that was generally ignored. Does any of this seem familiar?

    It was understood by the Israelites that every act of worship was to be expressed by a material means. God instituted it that way and tithers know this. Tithing gives the tither the opportunity to worship and demonstrate their faithfulness and love to God. Showing love to God by bringing tithes into the storehouse also shows love for your neighbor.

     I appreciate the word storehouse. In the Old Testament, storehouse meant the place where you are fed. The New Testament word is store or storeroom and it translates as a place where things are stored. It also is translated in the New Testament as a place of gathering, like a church. So I am enjoined by Scripture to bring my tithes into my local Church.

     I know that I know God has placed me in my local Church. Of that there is no doubt in my heart. I bring tithes into my local church because God has put me there. My tithing never depends on the culture or behavior of others. My functional reality is that the Lord and I have a financial covenant and He takes care of it all. Perfect!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 3

     It has been said that the mind is the battlefield. But, I know that the wallet is the minefield! It's fraught with danger and traps as we struggle with money. Last time I commented that the Lord showed me my heart. And the truth is that whenever I have struggled with money, the real struggle is my heart attitude.

     Jesus told the Pharisees that they are to put love of God, justice, mercy and faithfulness first before a tithe. (Mt.23.23; Lu.11.42) A pure heart before God is the key, the lynch pin of tithing. God is to be first. Do you know what idol worship really is? Idol worship is anything put ahead of God! There have been times when $$$ has been more important than God in decisions I have made. What is this called again?

     My mantra is "tithing is not about money." Holy Spirit revelations occur when I prayerfully tithe. My anger, selfishness, greed, inappropriateness and other unsavory attitudes are exposed when I struggle to bring my tithe before God. I may blame salary, finances, expenses, bills or bad economy, but, the real issue is my attitude. And in the Lord there is blessed grace. There is restoration and peace. God is never about the numbers, He is after my heart.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 2

    I am a scrupulously honest person. So I'll start off by saying that although I am scrupulously honest, I'm not really good with numbers. I can move a decimal point and multiply by 10. The rest of the numbers stuff is beyond my reach. I have figured out that it works better for me if I just put God in charge of my finances. And that is the first big reason why I tithe.

     Since tithing is a covenant--a contract initiated by God--results are His. It's different from a promise or blessing in that God puts Himself into the results. He says that He will open the windows of heaven to those who tithe. He says that He will keep pests from devouring the crops. He assures that the vines in the field will not cast their fruit (Mal.3.10,11.) Although these are agricultural terms (and I am not a farmer) it's pretty clear that the Lord is integral to the development and growth of the tither's resources.
He has done this for me for 25 years.

     Tithing catapulted me into this incredible relationship with the Lord. I know that I am a steward and I have learned to pray and trust God on levels I can barely describe. It has not always been an easy road. I had to learn to choose between what I thought I wanted  and what I thought I deserved and what I really needed. The Lord always shows me my real heart. (And what He reveals, He heals!) Then, by God's grace I put God first by tithing every time, every time. The result is that the Lord has always been
faithful to keep His word, and I have always benefitted.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 1

It is my Pastor, Pastor Randy Greene who gave support, implemented and encouraged this blog. I am grateful for the technical talents of Leah Manning as she used her skills to make it a reality. I thank you both.

     My blog is about tithing. Tithing and the financing of God's kingdom have been passion of mine for as long as I have been a Christian, over 25 years. I am a grateful, joyful tither. In fact, I've never "not tithed."

    Each week, I'll post a teaching, perhaps process your questions and answer difficulties. I'll pour out God's Word to you on this powerful and sometimes controversial topic. I have a straightforward "agenda," if it can be called that. I seek to raise your conscious awareness, increase your knowledge and generally promote the joys and benefits of tithing. By God's grace you will receive the revelation.

     This week, I'll review two concepts. First I'll tell you what tithing is not. Then, I'll show you what tithing is. Tithing is not some Old Testament law--it predates the Old Testament. Tithing is not an ordinance, nor a command. To look at it practically, if 25% of a congregation tithes and 75% of the same congregation does not tithe, both groups are acting in accord with scripture! How can this be? Because we don't have to tithe!

     In the original languages, the word tithe references ten or the tenth part. Tithing itself is a powerful spiritual dynamic, based on God's covenant. Tithers enter into this covenant by honoring God with the first tenth of whatever He gives to them. To tithe is to give the first tenth to God. Money is just the means by which tithers enter in and commit themselves to God's awesome covenant.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy