Week 15

When I pray about tithing and giving, one basis I use is Paul's teachings in Corinthians. The Books of Corinthians contain many scriptural examples of financial principles. Here are some for you to read and pray about on your own.

     Proportionate giving is tithe. Tithes and offerings are brought into the local church. (1Co.16.1,2.)

     Gifts and giving should come from the heart. (2Co.9.7, 8.)

     The financial size of the gift is not important. God gives the increase. (2Co.8.12.)

     Finances are to be handled with complete honesty. (2Co.8.20, 21.)

         Remember always that Christian services, tithes, offerings and gifts are not about money. It's all about Jesus, Brethren. Tithes put God first. Honor God with your tithes and grace offerings and bring them into your local church.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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