Week 8

      Over the years I've heard many things from many people about tithing. I've observed many things also. My focus this week is "mental assent."

     Mental assent is a behavior whereby people agree verbally to something, but then do nothing about it. They say, "Yes, yes." And they nod their heads and act all lovely, but, their hearts resist even as they seem to agree. The Pharisees of Jesus' time did this. Again and again the Lord exhorted them to open their hearts, but they would not. This is one obstacle I encounter with the topic of tithing. When I speak about it or teach it, outwardly people seem to agree with what I'm saying. Then faces go blank, invisible walls get built and no change takes place. The tithe covenant is a precious gift from God. I experience enormous frustration trying to understand why more people do not tithe.

     That leaves me to guess as to why so many in the Body do not tithe. For starters, I know that for some change is just too inconvenient and painful. In order to change, one has to admit that a change is needed. Then, commitment has to be made to the change itself. Then, effort has to be exerted to effect the change.

     But for those who receive the revelation of the tithe covenant, who pray and embrace it, the Lord pours out His love and grace and power. The needed changes do take place and the former mental assenter experiences victory and joy. Tithing is such a simple act. Oh, do commit to God's covenant today!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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