Week 2

    I am a scrupulously honest person. So I'll start off by saying that although I am scrupulously honest, I'm not really good with numbers. I can move a decimal point and multiply by 10. The rest of the numbers stuff is beyond my reach. I have figured out that it works better for me if I just put God in charge of my finances. And that is the first big reason why I tithe.

     Since tithing is a covenant--a contract initiated by God--results are His. It's different from a promise or blessing in that God puts Himself into the results. He says that He will open the windows of heaven to those who tithe. He says that He will keep pests from devouring the crops. He assures that the vines in the field will not cast their fruit (Mal.3.10,11.) Although these are agricultural terms (and I am not a farmer) it's pretty clear that the Lord is integral to the development and growth of the tither's resources.
He has done this for me for 25 years.

     Tithing catapulted me into this incredible relationship with the Lord. I know that I am a steward and I have learned to pray and trust God on levels I can barely describe. It has not always been an easy road. I had to learn to choose between what I thought I wanted  and what I thought I deserved and what I really needed. The Lord always shows me my real heart. (And what He reveals, He heals!) Then, by God's grace I put God first by tithing every time, every time. The result is that the Lord has always been
faithful to keep His word, and I have always benefitted.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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