Week 9

I've reviewed my master list of questions, comments and concerns on tithing I've encountered over the years. I often refer to them as I write these discussions. Here are some I'll address in this blog.

  • Why 10%? Why not 9% or even 11%? There's no difference.
  • My paycheck doesn't cover my bills and a tithe. How can I tithe?
  • For me to tithe would take too much of my paycheck. What can I do?
  • Should I tithe on my net or gross income? 
     The tithe is not some random, arbitrary or variable amount. 10% is the amount God established as covenant. Scripturally, the
covenant is not 9% or 11%. Scripturally, 9% or 11% represent noncompliance as tithes. Odd percentages are offerings. Both tithes and
offerings are voluntary.

     Give to God first, please. The net amount of a paycheck will usually cover the gross amount of a tithe. Tithing is not about giving too
much or too little. The tithe is a covenant of God and God alone gives the increase. Therefore, the dollar amount of your financial
worship is not God's primary goal. All God has asked is your love and prayer-filled heart of trust to faithfully tithe.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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