Week 14

    Recently in the newspaper, there was an all too familiar article about a couple caught in the economic squeeze. Both had lost their jobs, were drowning in debt and were desperately trying to recover. My antenna went up when I read that part of the article which said that one of the economic steps they took was to stop tithing to their church. I immediately prayed for them, of course.

    God loves us so much He gives us the choice not to tithe. So, that's not my concern. My concern is that too many folks think they tithe to their church. We tithe to God, Brethren. The local church is the storehouse into which we bring those tithes. In Christ we are God's children. When we have messes we are to run to our Father, not away from Him. Our financial disasters are never too much for Him to handle. Tithing throug money difficulties is an act of faith. It is a visible, tangible demonstration of our faithfulness, deep love and total trust in God.

        Here's my bold, Biblical and faith-filled testimony for you. I know that God instituted the Tithe Covenant. So, even when I have rebelled and gotten myself jammed up financially, I have never stopped tithing. I realize that I am incapable of getting out of the financial bind myself. I don't have the smarts or $$$ to do it. Therefore, I pray and God shows me my real heart. It is my precious Lord who gives me His grace and courage to look at my dismal failure. Then, the Lord's love uplifts me and I am able to obey completely what He leads me to do. It's been humbling, sometimes painful and slow, and it's not magic. Yet, I have always been pulled out of every single fiscal pit. More than once God has freed and delivered me from fierce, financial horrors. Both the Lord and I know--and I now proclaim to the world--that He honored His sovereign Tithe Covenant. God's Tithe Covenant does not ever fail!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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  1. Now here is the irony, if tithing is all that it is cranked up to be the couple wouldn’t be in the situation they are in at the moment. It is glaringly obvious tithing made no difference to their situation whatsoever and this is because the way the tithe is taught in most churches is far removed from what is obtained in the bible.

    No portion of the bible ever commands the New Testament church to tithe. And the true biblical tithe was always the tenth part of agricultural produce and livestock alone. A tithe of money of is absent in the bible.

    If as you say tithing is the route to financial prosperity, how come the world’s wealthiest are not tithers?