Week 4

     Nehiemiah 13 and Malachi were written within 30 years of one another. Reforms were desperately needed. Together, they express God's indignation and anger with His people. Because of the materialism and cynicism of that time, people had begun to lose hope. Godly standards were gone. Worship had deteriorated into listlessness and superficiality. God's people no longer took God seriously. God's priests had become corrupt. And the tithe? Well, that was generally ignored. Does any of this seem familiar?

    It was understood by the Israelites that every act of worship was to be expressed by a material means. God instituted it that way and tithers know this. Tithing gives the tither the opportunity to worship and demonstrate their faithfulness and love to God. Showing love to God by bringing tithes into the storehouse also shows love for your neighbor.

     I appreciate the word storehouse. In the Old Testament, storehouse meant the place where you are fed. The New Testament word is store or storeroom and it translates as a place where things are stored. It also is translated in the New Testament as a place of gathering, like a church. So I am enjoined by Scripture to bring my tithes into my local Church.

     I know that I know God has placed me in my local Church. Of that there is no doubt in my heart. I bring tithes into my local church because God has put me there. My tithing never depends on the culture or behavior of others. My functional reality is that the Lord and I have a financial covenant and He takes care of it all. Perfect!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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