Week 20

 What does it mean to honor God? In both Testaments, using religion to gain personal honor is denounced. (Mt.6.1-8) Jesus gave up honor and took the form of a servant and died a shameful death. God revealed Jesus' Divinity and gave Him the Name above all names. As we are in Christ, for Believers honor is defined by God alone, never by mankind.

    God taught the Israelites methods of sacrifice which would impress them to honor Him. In the Book of Malachi there are examples of sacrifices which displeased God and did not honor Him. The Israelites of Malachi's day were apathetic. God called upon them to change their wrong attitudes through prayer and right sacrifice. They were called to renew their obedience to God. God reminded them of their need for reverence and faith. Jesus honored His father perfectly and His righteousness is eternally sufficient for us. Praise God!

    Jesus will return during a time of spiritual decline and great persecution. He asks if He will find faith on earth when He returns. (Lu.18.8) Prayer expresses our faith. Faith puts God first with tithes. Faith honors God with tithes, offerings, gifts and acts of service.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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