Week 7

     Number sense is a God given gift. Those with number sense are very aware of the dollars. They read articles and newspapers. (Some even enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal.) They balance their check books, are tuned into most things finance and are fiscally competent. We do want more disciples in the Body who are financially mature and responsible. You are desperately needed. Welcome!

     If I had number sense, I would be strongly tempted not to tithe. First, I know that tithing is not required, nor is tithing a panacea or "get rich quick" scheme. I also know that tithing does not always look like it's going to "add up" financially. But God! But God! Tithing has entered me into a new dimension. I meet the Lord in prayer and He gives me grace and heals my bad attitudes. He gives me courage to press into Him. No matter the circumstances of my finances, I rely on His grace. I love the special place in the Lord tithing has brought me.

     God's economy is different. God's economy is a faith-based economy. His economy is powered by love and expressed in obedience. Because it is a faith-based economy, there will be spiritual challenges. (Ep.6.12) Yet the Bible upholds, that whenever a Christian acts in faith and tithes, God's response is, "Yes and Amen." (Pr.3.9, 10) To believe God, to take Him at His word and commit to tithing is a Christ-like leap of faith. (Lu.7.9) Hallelujah!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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