Week 3

     It has been said that the mind is the battlefield. But, I know that the wallet is the minefield! It's fraught with danger and traps as we struggle with money. Last time I commented that the Lord showed me my heart. And the truth is that whenever I have struggled with money, the real struggle is my heart attitude.

     Jesus told the Pharisees that they are to put love of God, justice, mercy and faithfulness first before a tithe. (Mt.23.23; Lu.11.42) A pure heart before God is the key, the lynch pin of tithing. God is to be first. Do you know what idol worship really is? Idol worship is anything put ahead of God! There have been times when $$$ has been more important than God in decisions I have made. What is this called again?

     My mantra is "tithing is not about money." Holy Spirit revelations occur when I prayerfully tithe. My anger, selfishness, greed, inappropriateness and other unsavory attitudes are exposed when I struggle to bring my tithe before God. I may blame salary, finances, expenses, bills or bad economy, but, the real issue is my attitude. And in the Lord there is blessed grace. There is restoration and peace. God is never about the numbers, He is after my heart.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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