Week 6

     Many Christians are reluctant to start tithing. Believers who don't tithe and have been willing to talk with me about it, often express fear in some way. Christians are twisted and tormented over financial issues. Christians fear the European market, the New York Stock Exchange and the economy in general. Christians fear the IRS, their banks, their bills and the convolutions of their own financial situations. Some are in such binds that they are stressed and embarrassed about it. Some actually fear reprisals from God. I am declaring--now and forever--that God is not the author of fear!! Fear at the level I have just described is an emotional lie and a huge deceit from another place.
     I do think a major fear in this 21st Century's 'fear the tithe' epidemic, is the fear of losing control. People do not want to lose control of their money. They think by turning their finances over to the Lord that somehow they will lose. But God does not need our money. Tithing is a covenant initiated by God. And my Bible teaches that the Lord always honors His covenants.
     Paul said he was content. Contentment is a wonderful place to live in this day and age. It's much better to be content than to be afraid. The Lord heals fearing and shame-filled Christians. He pours out His grace on those who don't tithe because they are emotionally bound. The tithing covenant is a total commitment from God. Don't run from the tithe, Brethren. Your greatest blessing would be to cry out in prayer, "Abba Father!" and embrace tithing.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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