Week 22

    This week's blog is about a different kind of grace-giving. It's not for everyone, but, I want you to be exposed to what the Bible says about it. It is another form of grace-giving and scripturally encouraged. It's called sacrificial giving. It is a level of giving that reaches sacrificial proportions--beyond personal budget and apparent means. The clearest example of this in scripture is the incident of the "Widow's Mite." (Mt.12.42; Lu.21.2,3) The widow was commended and memorialized by Jesus for her sacrificial gift.

    Sacrificial giving has several characteristics. It is always secret (private), voluntary and charitable. It is usually unexpected and above all, it expresses God's love. The Book of Acts does record where Christians had all things in common. (Ac.4.32-37) But, sacrificial giving as a life style needs a special act of grace. Use Holy Spirit wisdom before choosing sacrificial giving as your life style.

        There are many 'out there' who claim there are huge numbers of Christians who give away more than they live on. I have not been able to find any confirmation of that among contemporary Christians. The so-called "Vow of Poverty" is religion. Of course, since sacrificial giving is secret the chances are that it would not be real common knowledge. Yes, biblically Christians will sacrifice beyond their own means to help others. I have seen Christians pray and give to their own hurt. That is commendable and scriptural, but as a life-style, be sure it's God. Godl's Word emphasizes consistent obedience, not sacrifice. (1Sa.15.22; Mk.12.32-34) Keep tithing.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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