Week 25

    I can't think of many things I like better than Christmas. I love the sights, the sounds, the smells and the goodies. I love the devotions and the decorations. I love the fuss. I love what goes on in most churches this time of year. Yet, I pray for the Church.

    Yes, I am concerned. I am concerned that Christianity is not changing for the better. I'm concerned that churches have become too media savvy and user-friendly. Modern Christianity has redefined itself and is slowly strangling, choking to death on cybertronics. Churches are secularized. Too many contemporary churches are nothing more than shadow community centers. Too many of our contemporary churches are preaching cultural relevance and calling it the Gospel. And sadly, at this season, in trying to be "cute," too many contemporary churches look and act like they have forgotton the purpose of Christmas. Birthing a child is not "cute," Brethren. Jesus was born in blood and died in blood. It is the Blood of Jesus which sealed the covenants and gives us the Gospel. Never forget this.

        Brethren, as a Church, we cannot--we dare not--regress again to pagan form. In 2013, cling to God's Covenant of Salvation and move on spiritually. Seek personal revival. Spend time with the Lord in the Word. Pray with fervor and consistency, as you have never prayed before. Ask and allow Holy Spirit to place tithing in your heart. Put God first by bringing your tithes into your local church. Pour into your local church your acts of service along with tithes, offerings and gifts. Learn Jesus and become the totally committed Christian disciple He shed His Blood to save. Let true Kingdom living become your shining reality!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy 

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