Week 1

It is my Pastor, Pastor Randy Greene who gave support, implemented and encouraged this blog. I am grateful for the technical talents of Leah Manning as she used her skills to make it a reality. I thank you both.

     My blog is about tithing. Tithing and the financing of God's kingdom have been passion of mine for as long as I have been a Christian, over 25 years. I am a grateful, joyful tither. In fact, I've never "not tithed."

    Each week, I'll post a teaching, perhaps process your questions and answer difficulties. I'll pour out God's Word to you on this powerful and sometimes controversial topic. I have a straightforward "agenda," if it can be called that. I seek to raise your conscious awareness, increase your knowledge and generally promote the joys and benefits of tithing. By God's grace you will receive the revelation.

     This week, I'll review two concepts. First I'll tell you what tithing is not. Then, I'll show you what tithing is. Tithing is not some Old Testament law--it predates the Old Testament. Tithing is not an ordinance, nor a command. To look at it practically, if 25% of a congregation tithes and 75% of the same congregation does not tithe, both groups are acting in accord with scripture! How can this be? Because we don't have to tithe!

     In the original languages, the word tithe references ten or the tenth part. Tithing itself is a powerful spiritual dynamic, based on God's covenant. Tithers enter into this covenant by honoring God with the first tenth of whatever He gives to them. To tithe is to give the first tenth to God. Money is just the means by which tithers enter in and commit themselves to God's awesome covenant.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy