Week 27

A Tither's Blog

December 31, 2012

        December 31, is the traditional date for setting promises and resolutions for the New Year. To help you do this, here is a pledge you're invited to copy and bring to your church.

        It would be good to pray over the pledge before you sign. It's a pledge from you to worship God and put Him first with your tithes. Of course there is no mention of any dollar amounts. God alone gives the increase!

        May the Lord continue to pour out His blessings upon you.
Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy


           I want to worship and honor God with tithes, offerings, gifts and acts of service. This is my pledge to put God first by tithing the finances God gives me in 2013. I will bring them to my local church.



Week 26

A Christmas Card

To the Gatekeeper

Father, I finished
What I was sent to do.
Now, more Christians know
That to tithe is of You.

I tried to be faithful,
And witty and smart,
As I honored our Lord
With words from my heart.

This blog took its toll,
Like a raging sea.
But You, Holy One,
Graced courage to me.

You taught me patience,
To be fruitful and share.
Your perfect love,
Caused me to care.

So I move on,
To where I must go.
You'll find me a place,
Just right I know.

This mandate is over,
Another awaits.
Thank you, dear Jesus,
For being The Gate.

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 25

    I can't think of many things I like better than Christmas. I love the sights, the sounds, the smells and the goodies. I love the devotions and the decorations. I love the fuss. I love what goes on in most churches this time of year. Yet, I pray for the Church.

    Yes, I am concerned. I am concerned that Christianity is not changing for the better. I'm concerned that churches have become too media savvy and user-friendly. Modern Christianity has redefined itself and is slowly strangling, choking to death on cybertronics. Churches are secularized. Too many contemporary churches are nothing more than shadow community centers. Too many of our contemporary churches are preaching cultural relevance and calling it the Gospel. And sadly, at this season, in trying to be "cute," too many contemporary churches look and act like they have forgotton the purpose of Christmas. Birthing a child is not "cute," Brethren. Jesus was born in blood and died in blood. It is the Blood of Jesus which sealed the covenants and gives us the Gospel. Never forget this.

        Brethren, as a Church, we cannot--we dare not--regress again to pagan form. In 2013, cling to God's Covenant of Salvation and move on spiritually. Seek personal revival. Spend time with the Lord in the Word. Pray with fervor and consistency, as you have never prayed before. Ask and allow Holy Spirit to place tithing in your heart. Put God first by bringing your tithes into your local church. Pour into your local church your acts of service along with tithes, offerings and gifts. Learn Jesus and become the totally committed Christian disciple He shed His Blood to save. Let true Kingdom living become your shining reality!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy 

Week 24

    We are almost at the end of the tithing trail, Brethren. I think of our Lord who emptied Himself and became helpless just for us. I am awed by His love and care. I am awed by the holy and gracious covenants God gave us and fulfills for us.

    There has been a trend in recent years to go into stores which have a "layaway" system and anonymously pay the outstanding balances of those who have put things aside. This is a beautiful way to give. There are other marvelous ways to give to others. Paying for a cleaning service, gas cards, grocery gift cards, are but a few examples. A vital ministry is the ministry of prayer. Praying for people is free and desperately needed. Ask God to show you someone and send them a card that says you will pray daily for that person for a year--and do it. That's an enormous blessing. Don't be concerned you'll forget. Holy Spirit will respond and honor a heart that prays for others.

    Pray for others and continue to put God first by tithing. God fulfills His tithe promises for those who will enter in. There are untold blessings for those who worship God with tithes, offerings, gifts and acts of service. Experience victory in Christ!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

Week 23

December 3, 2012

    This month marks the end to these blogs. I have made every effort to answer openly your legitimate concerns and controversies. I have shared God's word with you on this vital subject based on honest scholarship. Above and beyond the "bottom line," finances are really a heart issue to God as they are a challenge to the Body. I pray you are bringing your tithes and offerings to your local church with love and purpose. But mostly I pray that you have found revelation, relevance and peace in all you're giving.
    I'm clearing my desk of the remaining questions this issue. These questions have been hanging around for some time and I'm finally addressing them.

        Q. My tithe is given in my designated offerings.
        A. Although both are Scriptural, the tithe and designated offerings function differently. The tithe is a spiritual dynamic between God and the tither. Finances are the means used in this dynamic. As a covenant and act of worship, tithing always puts God first. Designated offerings are a financial dynamic. They are a blessings, but put only the intent and purpose of the giver first. Why do you combine them?

        Q. I want to tithe and my spouse doesn't. What should I do?
        A. Both positions are Scriptural. Pray, seek wisdom, and obey God.
            Why has tithing become an issue? Is there something else going on?

        Q. Should I teach my children to tithe?
        A. Prioritize and set the example.

        Q. My tithe is less than the offerings I give. Should I stop giving offerings and just tithe?
        A. It's not about money. It's Scriptural to give both.

        Q. If you looked at my finances, you would see that I can't afford to tithe.
        A. It's not about money. Pray and:
             Seek wisdom for personal revelation of your pattern of giving.
             Seek wisdom for personal revelation of your real heart attitude.
             Then: ask for grace, trust God and obey. (Jn.2.4, 5)

        Q. Sometimes I get tired of tithing.
        A. Rejoice! The Lord never gets tired of us! (Ps.37.25)

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy