Week 19

  There are about a dozen questions I have left to address in these blogs. To make it easier for myself, I'm writing them out in question and answer format. I'll begin them here and finish the rest of them next month. I pray they help you and give you understanding. God alone gives the increase.

      Q. I go to two churches. Where do I bring my tithes?
      A.  Bring your tithe to each church as you go to it.
            One church is not the "real" church and the other a facsimile.

      Q.What happens if I can't tithe consistently?
      A. Nothing "happens." Inconsistent tithes are offerings. 
           Pray and obey God.

       Q.Why is there so much focus on money when Christianity is about 
            love and faith?
       A.Giving tithes, offerings and gifts to God are forms of worship. 
           They express love and faith.

       Q. The Lord told me not to tithe and to take care of my own family.
       A. Our Lord would never interfere with your free will.
            To pray for grace to tithe is scriptural. Give offerings.

       Q. I've been tithing for a long time and I don't have any results.
            Why should I continue to tithe?
       A. It's not about money. What results do you think you should get?

       Q. I pay huge taxes that help people. Isn't that enough?
       A. No, not for Christians. (Mk. 12.17)

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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