Week 5

    Do you listen? In today's world we are surrounded by sound. I see people plugged into all kinds of listening devices. A couple of summers ago, I had a revelation about listening. I was praying about hearing the voice of God, and how to be sure I heard from God. Then I knew. God speaks to each one of us in a voice we know and in a language we understand! As a Christian, when God speaks to you, you do know it. And because in Christ we are a friend of God, in Him there is no misunderstanding.

     One method I use in making difficult money choices is to be sure, that as I make decisions, I use the Word of God. God honors His Word. So, when I am doing financial stuff, I apply Scripture in prayer. I say something like, "Lord, your Word says to 'give to everyone who asks you' (Lu.6.30) and so I give this in Your Name, on Your Word." Thus, my financial decisions are anchored in Biblical truth.

     As a committed tither God knows I listen with great care. I pray and learn what the Lord wants. God and I do not mistake each other. Sometimes, this had led to some very interesting situations. Never a dull moment in God's kingdom!

Until next time.
Love in Christ.
Miss Dorothy

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